Thursday, September 30, 2010

#1 Birthday Surprise

I was excited (like a little kid would be) It was my 44th birthday & I was meeting a group of my girlfriends in town. We were going to see the Valentino Retrospective & have lunch (a boozy lunch of course). I've always loved birthday's, not just my own anyones they should be celebrated at any age.

The phone rang while I was in the bathroom doing my hair & getting ready to head out. It was my GP! I had found a breast lump a few weeks ago (nothing new had them before & they were always benign) so when she said she wanted to see me today & it couldn't wait, I was a little shaken. "But I'm going out with my girlfriends" I say to her. "Can't it wait until tomorrow???" "No I need to see you today!" Shit!
So I text my gf's & tell them I have to drop by the Doctor's before I meet them.

Here I am, all glammed up to go out, arriving at my Doctor's where everyone is eyeing me off (and not for good reasons, just thinking what a freak to dress up for the Doctor) She gives me the news that this time the lump isn't nothing, this time it's Cancer! Seriously?? But it's my birthday, nothing bad happens on your birthday! Right? WRONG! Naturally I burst into tears. My Doctor offers me a cup of tea. Tea! WTF? I told her I needed something stronger (which for some reason she thinks is funny) Doesn't she know I'm serious?

It's all very surreal. My husband who I had called to let know what I was doing had hopped off his train & headed back to meet me at the Doctors. Even though I had told him it would be nothing & not to bother. Thank god he never listens to me! I fall into his arms outside the surgery & sob!

Of course being my birthday, my phone starts to ring. I can't answer it so hubby has to. It's one of my best friends who lives in Melbourne & she gets hit with the news. I can't even speak on the phone to her without sobbing.... After I pull myself together, I ask hubby to take me home to freshen up as I have a day out planned & now look like the wreck of the hespers (what ever that means, crap I guess??).

I arrive in town to meet the girls, promptly fall into their arms & start sobbing again. The poor things didn't know what to do! We stopped for coffee while I explained what was happening & pulled myself together. We decided to go on with the day, which was the best decision & kept my mind off my troubles (sort of). The exhibition was fantastic! Valentino is truely a gifted man. Lunch was boozy as promised & we had lots of laughs as well as tears! Girlfriends can be the best medicine.

My phone rang non stop all day, which was really difficult to deal with. All my family & gorgeous friends wishing me well on my birthday & I was having to tell them I had breast cancer. It still doesn't seem real!