Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nips r getting bigger!!

Well big news today! But you'll have to wait for the story to unfold............. (don't worry not long)

I had my appointment with my plastic surgeon yesterday! It had been three months since I last saw him so I wasn't sure what to expect. A girl friend from Melbourne was visiting and came along with me to my appointment. I had a 1200 appointment, then a Physio appointment at the same hospital at 2pm. I had planned to take my girl friend to my favorite restaurant  (5th Element) in South Bank for lunch in between. As the saying goes "Best laid plans" didn't quiet work out! We waited for the specialist for an hour & a half giving me only half an hour before my physio. Luckily the appointment didn't take too long. He was really happy with my recovery & all the wounds etc..

He wanted to discuss the next part of my progress which was Nipples! I have been thinking about getting my nipples for a while now and really didn't want to go there. I think after the surgery I had had, I didn't want to go back to hospital and go under anesthetic again so soon after the last surgery.  I have also met a few women who have had the same surgery and were way further along than me, but still didn't have their nipples. This made me think that maybe it wasn't necessary. My surgeon was very positive about the procedure and assured me that I did not have to go under a general anesthetic again if I didn't want to. He would do the procedure in his rooms with a local anesthetic and it would only take an hour. Wow!!

It took me about a minute to agree (not really but it kind of felt like it) The icing on the cake was that it wouldn't cost a cent out of pocket! ??? I wasn't sure I believed him after the cost of the original surgery, but he assured me it would not cost us anything. Tick!!  So yes it looks like I am going to get my nipples after all!

Don't ask me how ( I do know, but it's hard to explain without a diagram, so the explanation is not going to happen at this stage ) Maybe after the procedure! I will have dressing on for a week, then nipple covers to wear for about 2 weeks so as not to flatten the new ones. Then Tattooing!! But that's a whole other blog.

Woo Hoo! I didn't think I would be excited but I am. Hubby is away for the month so I can't even share it with him. :-( It is scheduled in about 7 weeks. You'll all know about it then. As a lovely blogger I follow  would tweet Squeeeeeeeeeee............(You know who you are Jayne xo)