Monday, June 6, 2011

#35 It's Nothing

Well thought I better just let everyone know how I went with my Ultra sound last week! I guess I have given it away in the title of this blog post........

Findings: region of concern failed to reveal any underlying hernia, mass or collection. Okay so what the fuck is it then?? No one seems to be able to answer that question.

On the upside I am feeling so much better this week since I have stopped most of my physio exercises  (not all) but the ones that seem to aggravate my abdomen. So onward & upward I go towards recovery!

Thanks for listening!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

#34 The Great Escape

The Great Belly Button Escape is on! After yet another visit to my doctor it seems further tests are needed! The escaping belly button, is getting worse. My specialist said it was a pre hernia and that I had to keep an eye on it & try to strengthen the muscle area. So back to the Rehab Physio I tootled........ they gave me some more exercises & changed some of the ones I was already doing (*cough* not doing as it hurt too much.)  I then spent the next several days doing the said exercises, until I could barely walk. Doing anything that everyone does in their day to day lives was proving very uncomfortable. So after discussing this with hubby, I decided to stop the exercises from the physio again and see if it improved.

Well it did, but I think the damage may have been done! Now not only did I have a bulge in my abdomen, but it had grown. So today I went back to my GP (who is so good & thorough) she is sending me off for another Ultra sound as she believes it is now a hernia! Tomorrow after work I am having the Ultra sound and hope to get some sort of result. Yikes! Hoping for something that can be resolved.

Wish me luck!