Tuesday, August 23, 2011

#37 Birthday Eve

mmm what can I say as I sit here at my computer, on the eve of my 45th Birthday reading posts on Facebook when up pops some posts from this time last year! "Can't wait for the Valentino Exhibition tomorrow"! Oh yeah that just brought it all back............. The phone call from my Doctor & all that followed! I have a terrible sinking feeling, that is making me feel sick! Yes I know things are getting better all the time, but 12 months down & things are still very raw.
Tomorrow is my birthday & I'm not really sure how I feel about it! Certainly not happy & excited as I would usually be. I had a wonderful celebration on Saturday with my girlfriends (which I will blog about at a later date) & to all of them I am so grateful that we celebrated on another day! Tomorrow will be low key as far as I'm concerned & I'm sure the first anniversary will be the hardest! I know that I should be happy & celebrating that the cancer is gone, but it has been such an emotional journey that's not yet over!

Thanks for listening xo