Friday, September 23, 2011

#40 Nips are getting Tatts

Well, finally the day has arrived! I went off to the Plastic Surgeon for my tattoo session for my nipples.

I arrived a bit early & found the tattooist waiting & ready to go! That's a first, my bum didn't even hit the seat of the waiting room!

With top stripped off & laying on the bed, Meagan began by discussing the colour outcome I would like. Once that decision was made she began by testing with the machine if I had feeling in the area. It seemed I didn't when she tested one area on one side. But Oh Lordy Lord, did I have feeling when she really started tattooing! Especially on my left side, it was very painful. It took about a minute to do one then the same for the other side, I looked down to see my nipples covered in colour & I'm thinking this is alright the pain for that amount of time was no problem. Then Meagan tells me she will be doing that about 6 - 8 more times each side! Crap!

No really, it wasn't that bad, & all in all was completed in about 20 minutes. I was given my care instructions & had some ointment put on them before I left. The colour was a very strong pink/red which Meagan assures me will settle down to look more natural in a couple of weeks.Emptying my wallet at the door before leaving, I made my next appointment for my perfecting session where she will correct the colour & make sure all the colour is even & PERFECT I guess.

I left thinking I should learn this trade, 20 minutes work for the dollars paid, I am definitely in the wrong business!

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